Saturday, January 23, 2010

New adventures for me and Mom!

Yesterday Mom and I went to this place called Planned Pethood that Mom says is a spay and neuter clinic that costs less than most vets do so people who don't have a lot of money can get their animals spayed/neutered. Mom is going to volunteer there! They really need people to do administrative work (paperwork, data entry, answering phones) and maybe work on their Humane Education program to teach others about the clinic and why it is important to get this done!
Mom used to work at a vet clinic before she got sick and she really enjoyed it (the clinic she worked with did a lot of work with the community including accepting low cost spay/neuter vouchers and doing low cost rabies clinics plus working with the homeless community) so she really missed the work while she has been sick. She can't do the vet tech stuff any more but she is very very excited to be doing something good and kind of working with animals. Of course, I will be going with her to make sure she doesn't have any attacks or anything.
Mom also met a new doctor this week. Unfortunately it did not go well. The doctor didn't believe that Mom was really in as much pain as she is, so she was very rough with her. I tried to stop the doctor because pain is what cause Mom's seizures. I body block people if they get to close to Mom (Note from Mom: This isn't aggression, it is a quiet, polite task that Dixie does to prevent people from bumping my arm and causing an attack) but Mom said that I had to let the doctor do this and asked me to sit with my grandmom. I was not very happy but as soon as the doctor stopped, I went and sat with Mom. I quietly alerted and we managed to avoid Mom's attack! Fortunately, her pain psychologist and physical therapist were very understanding and know Mom isn't "faking it."
We start volunteering at the clinic on Tuesday and we are so excited for it!


  1. Sounds like that doctor needs a refresher in bedside manners. Or possibly a nice bite on the leg, followed by a "that doesn't really hurt does it?" look.

  2. what a great program :) I love the name

  3. Your Moms is doing a great thing!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three