Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally let regular blogging commence

Our uncle Rafael finally got mom some good speech to text software so we can start updating again regularly without her hurting moms bad arm or taking forever to type something with just one hand.
I've been going with Mom to physical therapy and this is much harder on her than it was before. We really hope this is good work and make her feel better for right now is making her worse solution lost more use of her good side. The new therapist still doesn't quite understand everything I do and my reactions so sometimes when I'm trying to help Mom stay calm she misunderstands and thinks that I what to play with her but I know I'm not supposed to play when I'm working. Mom has had a couple of attacks but I've called them early enough that she got her medicine in time to only shake a little bit for just a very few minutes.
Mom has also been working on getting a lot of collars made so she can start from one store and start building up her savings again. I like to just sit and watch when she does that may be taken.
Now mom says I need to share with Lola and let Lola tell you about what she's been doing these past few days.
Heellooooo bloggy furends! This iz Lola, most fantastic syster of Dixie the Catahoula! I've been working to take cayre of Mama with Dixie to and also makes her laugh and smiley when she'z feeling bad. Mom is also working on getting someone to help her build some agilitee equipments so we can start practicing. She already has a shoot thingy and a gyant tunnel and I think those are a lot of funs! Mama says she thinks I is going to be a really really good agilitees puppy!
Okay Lola owt!


  1. Lola I think you will be a wonderful agility pup!

  2. oh lola we can hardly wait to see you in action and dixie gweat job on helping you mommish with her attacks. you are so precious and such a valuable doggie to this woirld.
    the houston pittie pack
    could you peeweese peemail my mommish your mailing address to
    we are making her send all our bloggy furryends some valentine day cards for us

  3. Yeah Uncle Rafael!!!! We are glad your Mama can post more without any ouchies!!

    Dory and the Mama