Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Blue Tube and Pretty in Pink

Hellooooo bloggy furends! Lola here! We gots our second piece of agilitees eqypment thys week! It is a giant blue tube! It is lots of funs to run in and if you run through it all the ways you get yummy treaties from Mommy! If thys is what agilitees training is about, I thynk I is really really gonna likes it! Oh, and you can sees even the crazee kitties like it. My cat syster Karma (the fluffy orange one), Pippin (the big white kitty with orange ears and feets and tail) and Runt (the huuuuuge kitty that is white and dark orange with the orange tryangle on his chest) were all tryings it owt fur me!
Ok, Lola owt!

I got something new to this week! Mom decided to make me a new pack cover that stood out more and was hopefully easier to read. My old one was a black background with white letters and had only text on it. This time she decided to do a pink background with two patches that say medical alert service dog and use black letters to say do not distract.
I think it looks really great imams as it seems like a lot more people pay attention to it now. I think it's pretty great because it's pink and I know I look lovely and pink. I think mom did a pretty good job, what do you think?


  1. agility and pink in one blog? Perfect!

  2. I see you are running agility in the house. I had no idea it was possible! Wear a helmet! ;)

  3. i luvs all the pink stuff
    vewy pwetty

  4. Oh I LOVE your new hot pink pack cover, Dixie!!! I would want to wear it even if I wasn't a service dog! :-) If people can't read that, then they are really stupid!

    And that picture of the kitties with the blue tube really made me giggle!