Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mom is on the mend and our week

Mom found out that she had a really bad sinus infection that moved into her lungs because she also has severe asthma. She is finally starting to feel better today!
I have had alot of new adventures this week but Mom forgot to pull the camera out (I think she is just very happy to be out of the house and back on her feet).
Last night we went to something called a movie theater. This is the first time Mom has been out to the movies since she got sick and we went to see something called New Moon. Mom didn't think about it until the movie started but the movie has lots of dogish sounding noises and she didn't know how I would feel about that. Silly Mom, she should know not to worry about me when I'm working. I laid down at her feet and slept through the whole thing! Mom was very very proud of me.
Today we went to go buy some Christmas gifts for the family and we went to a place called Macy's. There were these moving stairs called escalators and Mom and Grandmom were worried that I would be scared of it. Now, I have to admit, it was pretty weird to get on stairs and sit and still move but I did fine. I went up and down and everyone was very impressed with me.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mommy Update from Lola

Hellloooo bloggy furiends! Thanks you all so much for your thoughts and pray-ers for Mommy. She had the See Tee thingy today and there was no em-bol-isym or newmonia. The doctor people did find somefing called a nodule on her lyung but they sayd for nows, they iz jyust going to monytor it every 6 months to 1 year with a See Tee scayn.
Mommy is still feelyng vury vury sickie and sleeping lots. She iz going back to the doctor person tomorrow to do more tests. Hopefully theys wyll figure owt somefing soon becuz Mommy can't keep much fyood down and she really really wants to eats Thanksgyving dynner
Ok, Lola owt!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mom is sick again

Sorry we haven't been commenting or posting for the past week. Mom has been sick and she is having a CT scan tomorrow to see if she has a pulmonary embolism. She lost her voice because her throat hurts and she is feeling crappy and sleeping a lot.
Hopefully the doctors will get this figured out soon so we can get back to commenting on everyone's blogs and posting more.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mom ate raw and new coats!

Yesterday we went to a place called a Japanese Steak House. I was hoping that meant I would get some steak so I gave Mom my best poor sad puppy face. Unfortunately, I knew that I'm not supposed to eat while I am working so I had to wait until I get home to eat my dinner.
They did bring some steak and set it about 10 inches from my nose. I knew I wasn't supposed to eat it (that would be very bad) so I just kept napping. Mom said she was very very proud of me.

Now here is something I thought was weird: Mom was eating some raw meat (well, fish) too! She said it is something called sushi and it is her most favorite food in the entire world.
Today we went to one of my favorite pet stores, All Pets Considered, to pick up some treats, supplements and cat food for the kittens. They were having a big sale so Mom and Grandmom decided to see if they had a good coat for me to wear when we go to Minnesota and this winter. Mom put this one on and it is warm, water proof and it fits under my pack. I think it looks pretty good too!
Heellllooooo bloggyfurends! It is Lola, most coolest syster of Dixie the cata...yea. Mommy sayd she could not takes me to the doggy store becuz she had to goes to a medycal supplyes store to get a different kind of arm im-o-bil-yzer for her arm and only service doggys can go in that store. She did brings me some new venyson and salmon tureats! And Mommy brought me this thingy called a coat. I gets vury vury cold becuz my furs is not vury thick so Mommy got me some extra furs! She sayd it is a Diva coat. I just knows that it iz nyce and warms!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sometimes Mom gets silly notions

Yesterday started out as a fairly normal day. We went out to lunch with Mom's Aunt Kay and my favorite little human. We did some shopping after lunch then Mom said we were going to do something called Christmas Card Pictures.What that really means is Mom dresses up and puts silly collars on us then tries to take pictures of all of us together so we can put one on a card. Here are some of the ones that didn't make the cut (with commentary from both of us)

Dixie: Uh, Lola, that is Karma of the many sharp and pointy appendages. Bad Idea.
Lola: But she started itz! I swur Mommy, she bited me furst!
Dixie: Yea right.
Dixie: I tried to be good and do what Mom said
Lola: But I hadz this most fantastyc toy jingle thingy around my necks! Must. Bitey.
Dixie: Lola. This is a FAMILY GROUP picture. Not Lola as the star picture.
Lola: But I iz a STAR! Looks how gud I poses. Think Top Model will takes me?
Dixie: I could only hope
Karma: Seriously Mom? You suck

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Most fantastyc new fing

Today before the people Dixie calls Aunt Jennyfur and Unka Nick came Mommy and Grandmom took me and Dixie on this most fantastyc new fing called a walkie. I waz not so sure at furst because Mommy put on my heady halltur thing (Note from the Mom: While I don't want pit bulls to get a bad image in any way, I have to use a head collar on all dogs I walk simply because and tug on my upper body is very painful. Once Lola has better leash manners, I will put it away, but until then I want to be able to walk my puppy. I know it looks like a muzzle, but it is the best for avoiding unnecessary pain-which is a main focus in my life-while maintaining what independence I can still salavage) and then took me out into the scury thing Mommy and Dixie tell me is a carrrrr. All I knows is that when I waz a lyttle puppy it only tookded me to V-E-T place.
But thys tyme it did not tookded me to the V-E-T place! It tookded me to somefing called a walkies trak. On this walkies track Mommy and Grandmom and Dixie and me got to walkies around the new place and smell all kynds of new fings! And guess what?? Mommy had my leash and let Grandmom walkies Dixie! Thys is a vury exciting fing since Dixie is a working dog and goes on walkies evurywheres with Mommy! It was vury vury funs but it also made me sleepys. When wegot home I tookded a lyttle nappy.
Then thur was a not so fantastyc fing. Mommy took me outsydes and sayd I was gunna meets a new furend. Instead it was avury skury little monster! (Note from the Mom: Said monster was my best friend Jenn's 18ish lb beagle/dachshund/jack russell mix who was very friendly. Ah, the fierce pit bull ::end heavy sarcasm::) I had to jump up in Mommy's not sickie arm to get away frum the monster! Mommy said I was a scurdy cat but I says better to be scurdy cat then monster foods!
Ok, Lola owt!

Friday, November 6, 2009

This week

This week started when Mom pack up all of our stuff and put me in my seatbelt. She said we were going somewhere called Atlanta in Georgia. We were in the car for a pretty long time (but not as long as when we went to the Mayo CLinic place).

We stopped in a place called South Carolina for a potty break and Mom made me pose in front of this sign.
We got there and met my Mom's great Aunt Ann. She also had a big dog who was very rude and got in my face despite Mom trying to block the dog. I didn't like that so Mom said we were just going to stay apart (I don't like rude dogs very much). I got to see Mom's great Uncle Sam again and I was very excited because he loves dogs. Mom was tired and sore from the car ride so we just had an easy night.
On Tuesday we woke up and got ready to go to the lady Mom was going to see to help her. First we went to a friend of my grandmom's house so she could take us to the place. I met two little dogs there who barked at me a little bit but were much more polite and I liked them. We went to some taco place for the humans to get lunch then went to the lady.
She brought in a little white dog that I made friends with and did something called acupressure massage on Mom. I knew it was hurting Mom so I kept sticking my nose up on the table to tell the lady that Mom was hurting.
We went home and I knew Mom was hurting more than normal. She laid down and I made sure to stay right beside her so nothing happened without me knowing.
Since then, Mom has been worse. She can't use her left hand for anything anymore and she is hurting alot more. She hasn't had any attacks but I have been staying with her all the time to make sure she is ok. That is why I haven't been able to get on my blog.

Helloooooo bloggy furends! It is Lola here, most awesomest syster of Dixie the Catawhatchacallit! While Dixie was travuling with Momma, I had to stays home with Karma, who is my cat syster who I cannot eats or chase or anyfing! As yoo all can sees, I even had to shares Mommy's bed with that tooo fluffer thing!
Ok, Lola owt!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We're still here

I'm sorry I haven't updated much this week but Mom is havinga rough week so I am staying by her side. We hope to do a real update tomorrow!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We went to this thing called Trunk or Treat where all of the humans have the back of their cars open and give candy to all of the little humans who are wearing lots of silly clothes. Mom said the no petting rule was off for the night so I got to makes lots of friends with the little humans.
This little girl was one of my favorites. She came back to see me a lot and she petted me every time!

This is Percy, Mom;s Aunt Kay's puppy. He wouldn't leave me alone the whole night.

This is another one of the little human in silly clothes and face that came to pet me

Here is another little human and a mommy petting meHere is Lola (as a witch), Mom (as a wench) and me as a princess before we went to trunk or treat