Saturday, January 30, 2010

Even service dogs (and their sisters) get time off!

A lot of people worry that since I'm a service dog, I don't get time to play and have fun. Well, that is just silly! When we are home I am always ready to alert if Mom needs it but I get to lay on the bed and play with stuffies and chew bully sticks like any other dog!
Today (well, it started last night) we got 8 inches of snow! It is still snowing and sleeting and the weatherman says we might get as much as 12 inches! That is a lot for us North Carolinians! I used to not like snow much, but now that Mom has more winter gear for me (boots, a sweatshirt and a waterproof coat) I enjoy it a lot!
Sometimes Mom goes a little overboard with the pictures. We were ready to go out but she insisted that she get a picture of us in our coats.Once we got out there, Lola was ready to play and decided that the best way to get me to join in is being annoying.
Lola: That wazn't annoyings, that waz playings! Duh Sissy!
Whatever. Anyways, this snow was a lot deeper so it was more fun to run in. I had snow flying from all 4 of my feet! It was pretty fun to jump in too.
Lola: WHEEE!! I wuvs the snow! This snows is much much better than layst time cuz there is lots more of its!
Lola: And boy, does the snows taste yummies! I likes to stick my faceie in its and nom nom nom! Mommy sayz I gets a snow beard whatever that is!

It isn't going to get above freezing until Tuesday, so we will have lots of chances to play in the snow! It isn't even going to stop until this evening! We hope everyone is having a great and fun weekend as well!


  1. Hay! That is shure a lot of snow! I like to eet the snow to, Lola. Nom nom nom.

  2. Hi Dixie Friend! You are so lucky. We only got a little tiny bit of snow here. Oh, and I like you and Lola's coats.

  3. it looks like me like you get to have lots of fun no matter what you are doing!

  4. It's been so much fun playing in all our snow! We like to run in it too!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three