Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Bond

Mom has been having a bad couple of days. She fell on Thursday (and I already gave her my most irritated look for not having me with her) and it has set off a turn for the worst. We are hoping that her doctor will either be able to move p her procedure or speed up the process to get the spinal cord stimulator test done.
When Mom is hurting, she relies on me alot. I can tell her before she has a seizure or pan spike and I try and help her stay calm and stress-free. I stay with her through everything, I snuggle up against the parts of her that don't hurt, I wag my tail and smile at her when she looks at me. Mom and I depend on each other.
Some people think it is odd that Mom depends so heavily on (what they see as) "just a dog." Mom can explain what I do, but there is more to it than just my job. Mom and I have a bond that can't be described. I know when her body is failing her and can tell her long before she knows (human senses being as poor as they are and all :-p). Mom knows when I'm nervous, what my smallest signals are, even if I'm not feeling well.
The thing a lot of people miss is that we've always had this bond. We made that connection when she looked through the chain link door at the shelter and saw more than an exuberant puppy who had never left her kennel. I saw my Mom (ad my wonderful Aunt Jenn too). Mom has guided me through many fears and uncertain situations and I have been with her through happy and sad times.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You can calls me Agilitee Pittie Lola

Helloooooo bloggy furends! It is Lola here, most fantastyc syster of Dixie the Catasumthing.
So last week my most awesumest Granddaddy made me a kind of funnee lookin thing. Mommy said it was called an ad-just-able agilitees jump.

Well, I didn't knows what an agilitees jump was, but I like to jump so I figured it was something good. Boy, was I rite! Thys is anothur part of the agilitess competition along with my big blu tunnel!

Mom has been teaching me a command callyd "Over" which means I jumps over the white bar on the agilitees jump. We both run up to the jump and I jumps over it! Thys iz a really fun thing and I am learning that I loves agilitee!

Here you can see me doing my agilitees jump. Mommy says I has really good form and that I will be really good at this agilitees stuff! I just know that it is funs and I get to spend tymes with Mommy all by myself (Dixie was taking a nap on the porch synce she has to always be with Mommy to make sure she stays healthys).
So, from now on, just calls me Lola the Agilitee Pittie
Lola owt!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry for the unexpected blogging hiatus!

Sorry we haven't updated in so long! Mom has had a very up and down past few weeks and I have been helping and taking care of her. Cold makes Mom's pain worse and it has been abnormally cold here in North Carolina these past few weeks (we've had more snow this year than we have in the past 5ish years combined!). She also has a bad immune system so she caught a virus and bronchitis (which is very bad when you have asthma) and was stuck in the house for a week and a half!
She did have time to modify my backpack to make it easier for her to put on me (her condition is still deteriorating). My pack used to have snap buckles like a collar that were getting too hard for Mom to close with one hand. So she replaced them with some D-rings and pink webbing (my backpack is a bit drab) and heavy duty velcro.

We finally got to go back to volunteering at the spay and neuter clinic! Mom loves helping them out and I like getting to go to new places with her and make sure she stays safe and healthy. Mom says she is lucky to have me because I can also alert to when her pain level is going to spike. This happened on Thursday and Mom was able to get her pain meds and call Grandmom to come pick her up before it got really bad.
We did get some good news this week! Mom went to this place called Duke and met a new doctor who is sure he can help her. She is going to have a sympathetic nerve block March 11 (unless there is a cancellation before that) that will tell the doctor for sure if she has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. After that, they are going to do a trial run with something called a Spinal Cord Stimulator that should reduce Mom's pain level a lot! We are all very excited that we found a doctor who listens to Mom AND wants to figure her out (he even walked in and told her she was a mystery, which most doctors aren't willing to admit). I will even get to be part of everything since I can detect Mom's pain spikes and that will let them know if the SCS is working right or not!
Lola has some exciting news too, but I will let her talk about that tomorrow :-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

What a Year It Has Been

Yesterday marked one year that Mom has been disabled. It has really been a roller coaster year for both of us. I have sat with Mom through many tears, many seizures but also many good times. She has learned so much about service dogs and has met (online and in real life) so many wonderful people and pups.
We don't know what this next year will hold for us. We are back at square one trying to find a diagnosis again and Mom is getting worse. I am going back in to training to work on some more complicated tasks to help Mom out. Mom is starting her own business. Who knows what else will happen?