Friday, January 8, 2010

Mom is getting crafty and I am branching out in my alerts

Today Mom had an appointment with her new physical therapist, who had to touch and move all of her bad parts. The therapist said that I was a big help because I know when Mom's pain level is getting too high and I let her know and help her calm down and relax. The physical therapist said that my alerting to Mom's pain level gave her a better idea of what Mom can do than she usually gets from patients! This is what Mom calls another natural alert since she did not teach me to do it, I just did it on my own.
Mom got a sewing machine for Christmas. It is something she can do easily with her good hand and not stress her ouchie parts. She also hopes to eventually sell collars, leashes, beds and maybe even fleece dog jackets to help contribute to my food and vet costs (which my awesome grandparents took over when Mom got sick)She decided since I helped her and the pysical therapist so much that I deserved something special. She made me a brand new collar! She was really surprised at how well it turned out, especially since she was having a bad pain day.

Here I am modeling my new collar. Mom might embroider it with my name or the words Service Dog, she hasn't decided yet.
A close up of the design on it!


  1. What a pawesome collar Dixie!! We know your Mama has talent...your Christmas card that she made was beautiful!!!


  2. Looks like your mom did an awesome job! I love that fabric

  3. wow that is a pawsome collar. i am jelly i want one too now !! will she take my most favorite bully stick in exchange for one ???

  4. What a nice collar! Makes you look extra special.

  5. That collar is a great choice - superb contrast with your coat. Looking pretty cool! :)

  6. Good for you Dixie!! We know you love your Moms and your new collar!!