Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mom says I will be taking a text in 2 or 3 weeks

Mom and I have been working pretty hard this week. She has been trying to teach me this thing called "Tug" and this week I finally understood what she wanted! She wants me to pull on something when she says "tug"! We have been working on me pulling on the thing in her hand all week.
Then today she put it on a drawer where a lot of metal things humans use to eat are kept. She told me to tug and I did and the drawer opened! Mom was really happy and said I was a Very Good Dog and gave me a really yummy treat. We did that for a while then she moved it to the door. She told me to tug and I did and closed the door!
She is also making me do a "practice alert" that we can show our trainer so I can be certified (whatever that is). Mom says we are going to take a test with our trainer in 2 or 3 weeks so I can get my certification.
I've gone to physical therapy with Mom twice this week and she said I did great. I laid by all of her exercises and was quiet, even when people talked to me. Today Mom went to get something called an x-ray where she laid on a table that moved and made funny noises. I stayed in the room with her to make suer everything was ok. After that we wen to Target and Mom talked to 2 different people about me. One man said his wife had a dog that was his wife's eyes! He was very nice and said I was a Good Dog. Then a lady asked about me and petted me, even though Mom told her I was working. I knew I was still working so I just sat by Mom and wagged my tail. Mom said I did the exact right thing!
And now, finally, here is a picture of me in my service dog gear.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finally back on the blogging scene

Mom has started school and been super busy lately, plus her main computer broke so I haven't been allowed to get on the ones that were loaned to her. She said today she would let me get on and update everyone about my progress.
We still don't have any pictures because Grandmom is still wary of me in public. I am proving to her that I can do it, so hopefully she will take some pictures soon!
I have started going with Mom to this crazy place with lots of strange things that people do stuff with that she calls Physical Therapy. I just lay by Mom while she does things and make sure she doesn't start shaking. I worry sometimes because I can tell she is really hurting so I have to check on her. Everyone says they don't even know I'm there, which Mom says is a very good thing. I don't know about that, since my poor tail got stepped on twice but everyone apologized.
I also got to go out with Grandmom and Granddad for the first time yesterday. We went to a place called IHOP where I slept under the table while everyone else ate. After that we went to this place with lots of computers and desks and stuff that Mom uses when she works on something she calls classes. I walked around with her and Granddad and the cashier lady said I was a Very Good Dog! The last place we went was a book store where Mom look at lots of books. I laid down beside her every time even when there was a little human (who I usually like to play with). Mom says I'm an SDiT rockstar, what ever that means.