Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first real world training day

So Mom and Aunt Kay (Mom's aunt) got my patches done enough that they thought we could try some real world training.
First we went to this place called Lowe's, where they have tons of smells and sounds and moving things and people. We stood at a desk and waited until they brought the thing we came for to the desk. I sat at Mom's feet and didn't move even though people were talking about me. The people at the desk didn't know I was there until we were on the way out.
Since things went so well, we went to TJ Maxx because Aunt Kay needed some luggage. We walked around and looked at all sorts of things. There was less space here, but I didn't mind, I just stayed close to Mom! When we were in line a little human came up behind me and scared me a little bit, but all I did was jump back and then settle right back down. Mom told the little human I was working and couldn't play right now.
Because I was doing so well and because Mom and Aunt Kay and Laura (Mom's little cousin who love me) were hungry we went to a place with people food called Chili's. The people very very nice and didn't say anything about me. I laid down under the table (I was kind of tired) and the nice man who brought them food brought me a bowl of water! It was nice and cold and made me very happy. Then I took a nap while the humans ate.
Last, we went to Target. Mom walked around and looked at clothes and a bunch of other stuff. We went in the cat aisle and Mom said I was a VERY GOOD DOG because I didn't try to eat the bags of cat food. Aunt Kay saw someone she knew and I sat quietly while they talked. Mom and Aunt Kay both picked out things they had to buy so I stood in line while they waited and bought their stuff.
Mom and Aunt Kay both said that I exceeded their expectations. I was just happy that I was there to watch Mom and make sure she didn't start shaking and that no one hurt her bad arm.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My first piece of assistance dog gear

So Mom got a new package last week and said it was for me! I was hoping it was treats or a new pink squeaky toy (they are my favoritest toy in the world!). It wasn't either of those things. Instead it was this weird looking thing with zippers and snaps that kind of looked like my backpack I wore when Mom and I went walking.
She said it is a new backpack that she can work with easier. It sure holds more stuff than the old one. But don't worry, Mom isn't over loading it. This one fits me much better too!
Here are some pictures of me in it:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mom has been hogging the computer lately

So I know it has been a really long time since I've updated. Mom has been having some problems, so I've had to take care of her. She says now I will be able to update more frequently since she thinks people will want to hear about my journey.
I am still training to become my mom's certified assistant dog. We are getting my new backpack soon and I can't wait! Mom says it will be much easier for her to get into and that I will even be able to carry a notebook for her if I need to go to school with her! Mom is also making my "Service Dog in Tra
ining" patches so we can start my training in new places like Wal-Mart, the library, salons and other places I'm not usually allowed to go.
I've also learned a new trick! It is called touch and all I have to do is touch my nose to Mom's hand when she asks. I get cheese when I do it! Mom says that now I'm going to learn to touch things like light switches, doors and stuff Mom drops. She says I will learn to pick things up, turn lights on and off and open and close doors for
Just in case anyone was worried that my life is all work, I do get time to relax and play. On July 4th, Mom's whole family came over and we all got to hang out by the pool! All of the dogs that live here were outside and we had so much fun! Here, you can see me and my new little sister Lola chilling in the sun!