Monday, October 26, 2009

New Diet=Very Happy Girls!

I was going to write this post last week but then the kittens showed up and Mom and I have been very busy taking care of them. She also said I have to let Lola be a guest author more often so she is going to butt in...I mean write too.
I have quite a few allergies and because of that, I can only eat a few kinds of kibble which is very expensive. While Mom will spend any amount on me, she has been researching a better diet since I still wasn't 100% on that food. After much research, she decided that it was time to take the plunge and go to raw feeding. She says this is a biologically appropriate diet for me. I don't know about all that, but I do know that now I am super excited to eat my meal! Mom has had to coax me into eating all of my kibble and I just didn't enjoy it that much (I was eating Wellness CORE Ocean, so it was the high quality, grain free kibble). Now I am very excited to get my food and sit down and crunch the bones and eat the meat. Right now we are only eating chicken quarters to make sure it is an easy transition. I am already less itchy and much happier.
Helloooo evfurone! It is Lola, most awesum pittie bull syster of Dixie the Catasomefing! This new most awesum raw diet is grrrate! Mommy says I have the allurgies too but all I knowed is that my ears would be red and itchies and my skin was the same ways. Now I am a much happyier puppy and I gets to eat most yummie foods that befor I wasn't aspossed too! I'm pretty sure my Mommy is a gud Mommy for this!

(Note from the Mom: I know some people are averse to raw feeding, but I did do quite a bit of research along with what I know from my college Animal Science classes. They will have a very balanced diet that is not only cheaper but much healthier for them than kibble. If you want more info, I would be more than happy to pass on the research I've done!
Edit: Honey is right, right now, the girls diet isn't balanced. Once their stomachs are ok we will add in organ meat, other meats and it will be an overall balanced diet [though not a daily balance like kibble])

Friday, October 23, 2009

Temporary Additions

The reason I have not updated after Wordless Wednesday. We have some unexpected temporary additions to the house. Mom found 2 3-4 week old kittens by our pool pump and is going to foster them until they are old enough to go to forever homes. I love helping Mom with the babies so I've been helping her keep an eye on them and bathing them. The grey tabby and white kitten is called Zeppelin and the orange tabby and white is Sabian/Lil Debi depending on who you ask (they aren't quite old enough to be sexed for sure).
Crazy little kittens!

Watching out for Zeppelin

You ok there kids?

Smelling the babies
They will be ready for homes in 5 weeks. If you are interested in one of them let me or Mom know!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dory's Smiley Fest 2009

My friend Dory is having a smiley contest. We are supposed to post a smiley picture and tell the story behind it.
I a smiling because I am enjoying time outside in the sun with Mom! I love being a service dog but I love just hanging out with Mom even more. Mom and I both love being in the sun when it is warm.

Mom says I have to let Lola play too so here is her and her story:Hellooooo Dory! This iz my sooper happy pittie bull smile. I am doing one of my most favoritest thingz which is choowing on a bully stick and that makes me vury vury happies!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hellloooo Wurld!

Hello bloggy wurld! I am Lola, most fantastic syster of Dixie the Cata...whatever. Mom has somethin icky called the flew and is not feelin gud (or plain wif me!). Dixie has been takin care of Mommy and helpin her so she hasn't had time to update this bloggy. They are bowth nappin at this momunt so I thought I would be a very nice lil syster and be a "guest awthor" for her.
Sence Mommy has been sickies, I have been tryin to make her laff. I roll my tricksy tweat ball all over and sometimes I even throw it! I think it is tuns of fun when kibbles fly in the air but Mommy is not so sure. I also kiyl stuffies for Mommy and that does make her laff lots.
My grandpa and uncle Andrew have been letting me run on this big thingy cayled a treadmyll. I walk fast but don't go anywhere. Mommy says it makes me less krazie, whatever that mean.
I am being a good doggy tho, I snuggles with Mommy a lot. The only problem is that she has these really scawy things called fleese blankies. They jump on my head and sometimes my whole self and tries to eated me! I cry and Mommy saves me from them.Ok, Lola owt!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Awards Show (like Dennis' but without the annoying smurf)

First, I got the climbing to the top award from my friend Boots.

You are supposed to pass it on to other top dogs so I give it to Honey because she is doing so well at so many things and Bentley because he is doing so well learning to play nicely with other dogs!

I also got the Happy Harvest award from my friend Buddy Dawg.

This is just a happy award, so I want to give it to Dory because she is a very happy dog and she is having a smiley contest, Dennis because yesterday was his second Gotcha Day anniversary and Princess because she is a very happy pit bull (just like my sister)!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Aunt Jennifer

Today my Aunt Jennifer came to visit me and Mom! We were both very very excited to see her! She lived with Mom for 2 years and has known me since Mom adopted me (she actually helped pick me out!).
My Aunt Jennifer is awesome! She gives me loves and hugs and pets and lets me give her kisses! When we lived with her, Aunt Jennifer let me sit in her computer chair (which wasn't very big) with her while she did work. Today she let me sit with her and everything! She even put up with Lola, my little sister, who was being very obnoxious.
We went to a place called Bruster's where Mom and Aunt Jennifer got ice cream. Even though I was working, I got a little bit of vanilla ice cream which was very very yummy! We all went to the TJ Maxx place so they could shop and then we went to dinner with the whole family! After that we came home and hung out until Aunt Jennifer had to go back to her home. Overall it was a wonderful day!
I hope everyone one else had a wonderful day! If you could send up some thoughts and prayers and good happy vibes for my friend Buddy Dawg, that would be awesome. He is having a rough time right now.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Last Mayo Day (sorry it is late)

Sorry I didn't update earlier. Mom had a rough day and then we went to Mom's grandparents' house where there is no internet.
We started Thursday morning with Mom getting a breast ultrasound. It made her hurt so I was very worried about her and on high alert for an attack. Thankfully, she did not have one. The ultrasound was normal which Mom said was very very good since breast cancer runs in her family.
After that, we went to do the standby thing (and Mom sat through this one too!) for a pain medicine doctor. They didn't let her see that doctor, but she also had an appointment with a pain psychologist in the same place. I went in with Mom to this appointment and was happy because he didn't touch her hurt arm.
He told her that she does, in fact, have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. They are sending her to a different Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota for a 3 week "pain rehab" program. He also told her that it was unlikely she would get to go back to working at the V.E.T. because it could make it worse again if she gets better. So now Mom wants to be a trainer or behaviorist.
She also found out that I do more for her than she thought. I've always been able to tell when she was going to hurt more (even if she wasn't going to have an attack) and she found out that people train service dogs to do that! She says she is very very lucky to have found me since she says I am a natural CRPS SD!