Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doctors today

TOday after lunch we went to the nice chiro doctor lady who loves me! She did the cold laser thing on my Mom again and then gave her some human supplements to take to help her. It was a pretty quick appointment and then we went to the Mayo Clinic.
Mom saw a breast doctor to make sure there wasn't anything that started there. She messed with Mom's arm alot and made her hurt. Once Mom sat back down, I knew she was about to get an attack and I told her. She took her medicine and only got a little bit shakey but didn't have a full out attack. Mom was very very happy and said I am the Best Dog.
After that we went to Target and then came back to the hotel. Tomorrow Mom has more appointments and tests.
I'm very tired so I am going to bed. Sorry for the short post.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More waiting for Mom, a fort and a not nice beach

So Mom's tests got cancelled today and her insurance thing won't is giving her doctor problems about getting other tests approved. She got an appointment with a breast doctor who specially asked to see Mom! Her other doctor said he is going to keep trying to get the insurance thing to approve the tests she needs.
After Grandmom did her work (and Mom tried to do her school but couldn't), she said we were going to something called a fort. We got there and the park ranger lady asked about me but she didn't give us any problems or anything. This fort thing had lots of old things and somethings called cannons which Mom said threw big heavy metal balls a really long way. Mom really liked it so that made me happy.
We also went to the beach place. But this beach was NOT a nice beach! The sand was full of broken shells and not very big and the waves almost knocked Mom and me down! I was not a fan so we didn't stay long. Mom says most beaches are like that and we will got to a beach place where the water is gentle not mean.

Mom and I on top of the fort!

Mom and I in front of one of those cannon things

The pretty designs on the cannon that Mom liked

Us on the ocean side of the top of the fort

One of the tower things at the fort

Me and Mom at the mean beach

Me trying very hard to get away from the mean wave

I'm wet!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mom said I had the ultimate test of my training...

We went to this place called the Jacksonville Zoo on Sunday. There were a bunch of animals there that I have neither seen nor smelled ever before! When we got there, we had to go to a special window and the zoo lady announced to all the other zoo people that we were there and what my name was and what I looked like. She said we couldn't go in the aviary (because the birds are loose and they don't want me to scare them) or the reptile house. Mom doesn't like how hot and humid the aviary is and Grandmom doesn't like the reptiles so we were ok with that.

Me and Mom in front of a painting of animals

That is a giant kitty! Our kitties at home are the size of that kitty's head!

Those things are called giraffes...they are really tall and their necks and legs are super long.

This silly thing called a monkey was really interested in me and followed us around his kennel

This is me and Mom in front of a fake elephant thing

This is the most annoying bird in the world. It squawked way too loud for me.

This huge thing is called an elephant. Thankfully Mom said it only eats plants.

We saw a lot more animals at the zoo but they didn't bother me. I knew I was working so I ignored them. I also ignored all of the people and small humans who petted me even though Mom said no. Mom said she was very proud of me. After the zoo we went to dinner with some of Mom's friend on the computer board she types on all the time. We all has lots of fun!
Today we had to get up very early to go to Mayo Clinic for Mom to be on standby (whatever that is...she sat the whole time) and I took a nap. They couldn't do their test, so we came back to the new hotel place and Mom and I took a nap. After our nap, we went to the chiro doctor who really likes me. She did some stuff to Mom, but it didn't hurt her, so I was ok. After they were done, we went to some outside stores and then to dinner at a place called Cheesecake Factory. Well, Mom and Grandmom had dinner, I slept on their nice cool floor under the table. When we got up to leave, the waitress lady and the people across the aisle at a table said they didn't know I was there. Mom said that was a very very good thing and that I was a Very Good Dog.

Friday, September 25, 2009

We are in Florida!

We left kind of early Thursday morning to go to Florida. Mom buckled me in (Mom says everyone has to be safe and secured in the car) and off we went. I took a nap.
I got to drink some water. And napped some more.

I asked Mom to pet me. And napped on her seat back

I woke up and Mom said we were there! It was warmer and it smells different here. Mom says it is because of the ocean (which Mom said I will get to see this week)
I went with Mom to all of her appointments and tests today. It started with a doctor that messed up Mom's arm and made it hurt more. I was really worried about her but I behaved. Then Mom had to let some lady take her blood! I had to stay out in the waiting area with Grandmom and I was very worried since I wasn't there to make sure Mom was ok. We had lunch and then Mom had something called an EKG and and x-ray. Grandmom and I wasn't allowed to go with Mom to those either. It turned out ok and we went back to the hotel to take a nap.
Then we went to another doctor called a chiropractor (whatever that is...) and she did some more tests on Mom that I couldn't stay in. It went ok and she didn't hurt Mom so I liked her much better.
After Mom was done with all of the doctors for today, we came back to the hotel to rest before dinner. We went to Target and Mom and Grandmom got me a new toy because I am being so good.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We leave on Thursday...

for that place called Florida! The Mayo Clinic place said they could see her this Friday!
Now, don't get me wrong, I love my job. And Mom doesn't know if her seizure things will go away once they figure her out. But I really want her to be healthy again. We loved going to the dog park and the lake and to coffee with my aunts. I think Lola would really like living there too.
So we are off on an adventure! Mom says I will get to go to the beach for the first time while we are down there. I'm pretty excited about that, since I love water!
Mom says that she is going to have Grandmom take pictures so I can blog about my trip!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Little Things That Make Me Happy

My friend Princess the Pit Bull tagged me to play this game. We have to talk about/show 6 little things that make us happy!

Thing #1: Sleeping in the bed with Mom (cuz I have to make sure she is ok at night)
Thing #2: Playing with pink squeaky toys

Thing #3: Being Mom's service dog and telling her when she has an attack
Thing #4: Playing with my sister Lola (she is a lot bigger now!)

Thing #5: Hanging out by the pool

Thing #6: Playing chase with the other dogs

Now I want to know what Bijou, Paxton, Buddy Dawg, and any one else who wants to play (I am a bit tired and Mom says she needs the computer back!).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grandmom says I should post about my play time

Grandmom said I should post about what I do when I'm not working. I like to nap on Mom's bed, but I do other stuff too.
I love to run and the other dogs who live here love to chase me. Mom says it is a win-win situation

You can also see my Aunt Kay in the video. Would you believe she came over just to watch us play? Ok, well, she also had dinner with Mom and Grandmom but then she came to see me play.
I do other stuff for fun, but we will save that for another day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A moment to remember

Mom and I want to take a moment to remember and honor all of those who lost their lives and all of the heroes who helped save lives 8 years ago today.
Grandmom traveled to New York a lot back then, and while she wasn't there that day, we had friends who were. One of our cousins was in the Pentagon and our family spent many anxious hours until we heard that she was safe.
We also want to honor the canine heroes who worked as hard as the human heroes to save as many people as possible

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vote for my sister Lola and cousin Laura!

Vote for Lola and Laura
Their picture is entered in BAD RAP's calendar contest! If they are in the top 12, they will be in BAD RAP's 2010 calendar! All proceeds go to help pit bull resc
ue and education. Here is the picture Mom entered:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mom says we are going to be going to somewhere called Florida

Mom told me this week that we are going to some place called the Mayo Clinic in Florida to see if they can figure out why she is sick. I get to go with Mom and Grandmom! Goo
d thing too, I don't know what Mom would do without me in a new place. She also said we were going to stop at her Grandmom Vogel's house in South Carolina. Vogel might even come with us to Florida.
This week I went to a lot of places with Mom. I always go to therapy with her and they say I am doing really well! Lots of people tell me what a good dog
I am.
I also got to go to Raleigh, where I am from, for Mom's pain doctor. She was very nice and everyone there said I was a Very Good Dog. After that, Gran
d had to pick something up at a building and Mom and I stayed outside. She took some pictures of me that she says are very pretty.

After that, we went to one of Mom's favorite places to eat: Moe's. Mom is a vegetarian and she says they do the best tofu burrito anywhere! I don't know about that since she never gives me any (Mom says I have a sensitive tummy on top of my allergies). She does always make sure to get me a big cup of water with ice in it! I sit under the table and nap while everyone eats.

I also went to the dentist with my mom. We were sitting in this place humans call a waiting room (what kind of silly thing is that? a whole room to teach them to wait?!?) a man was asking questions about me. Then 3 of my favorite kind of human (besides Mom), kids, came in there! They wanted to pet me but Mom told them I couldn't play because I was working. They were very nice and Mom got to tell everyone that I was a rescue dog. The man was very surprised and Mom told him that you can get wonderful, smart dogs from shelters and rescues. Mom says she can't ever pay me back for what I do so she wants to pay it forward to other rescue dogs.
I also got to go out to dinner with Mom, Grandmom, Granddad, Aunt Kay and Laura! Aunt Kay was very proud of all of my progress since she hasn't seen me in a few weeks.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I got an award!

My friend Princess the Pitbull gave me this award a few weeks ago (but Mom has been hogging the computer for "school" stuff.

So the rules for this award are:

  • Put the award on your blog and link to who gave it to you.
  • Give a nod to Purple Hatter who made the award
  • Give the award to at least 5 of your blogging buddies who have been rescued, support rescue or have helped with a rescue dog or kitty cat

-Stella the Carny Dog Because she is rescued and spotted like me.
-Miss Sylvie my trainer Because she helps rescues a ton
-Timmy, Sharla and Ranger Because their mom works hard to rescue puppy mill dogs
-Meghan and Ace Because Ace is a really cute little rescue dog
-Jackson and Poe who are rescued dog sport super stars!