Friday, November 6, 2009

This week

This week started when Mom pack up all of our stuff and put me in my seatbelt. She said we were going somewhere called Atlanta in Georgia. We were in the car for a pretty long time (but not as long as when we went to the Mayo CLinic place).

We stopped in a place called South Carolina for a potty break and Mom made me pose in front of this sign.
We got there and met my Mom's great Aunt Ann. She also had a big dog who was very rude and got in my face despite Mom trying to block the dog. I didn't like that so Mom said we were just going to stay apart (I don't like rude dogs very much). I got to see Mom's great Uncle Sam again and I was very excited because he loves dogs. Mom was tired and sore from the car ride so we just had an easy night.
On Tuesday we woke up and got ready to go to the lady Mom was going to see to help her. First we went to a friend of my grandmom's house so she could take us to the place. I met two little dogs there who barked at me a little bit but were much more polite and I liked them. We went to some taco place for the humans to get lunch then went to the lady.
She brought in a little white dog that I made friends with and did something called acupressure massage on Mom. I knew it was hurting Mom so I kept sticking my nose up on the table to tell the lady that Mom was hurting.
We went home and I knew Mom was hurting more than normal. She laid down and I made sure to stay right beside her so nothing happened without me knowing.
Since then, Mom has been worse. She can't use her left hand for anything anymore and she is hurting alot more. She hasn't had any attacks but I have been staying with her all the time to make sure she is ok. That is why I haven't been able to get on my blog.

Helloooooo bloggy furends! It is Lola here, most awesomest syster of Dixie the Catawhatchacallit! While Dixie was travuling with Momma, I had to stays home with Karma, who is my cat syster who I cannot eats or chase or anyfing! As yoo all can sees, I even had to shares Mommy's bed with that tooo fluffer thing!
Ok, Lola owt!


  1. Hello hello!Wool ook very nice with the seatbelt on!
    mommy tried it once on me but it didnt work!
    i'm sure you'll do a good job taking care of the house till mom comes back! Have a great weekend!


  2. Oh Dixie, we are so sorry your Mama is feeling bad!! Make sure to stay real close and give her lots and lots of snuggles.

    Poor Lola...wait...that kitty looks pretty friendly, or is she just bossy!

    Smileys for feeling better!
    Dory and the Mama