Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sometimes Mom gets silly notions

Yesterday started out as a fairly normal day. We went out to lunch with Mom's Aunt Kay and my favorite little human. We did some shopping after lunch then Mom said we were going to do something called Christmas Card Pictures.What that really means is Mom dresses up and puts silly collars on us then tries to take pictures of all of us together so we can put one on a card. Here are some of the ones that didn't make the cut (with commentary from both of us)

Dixie: Uh, Lola, that is Karma of the many sharp and pointy appendages. Bad Idea.
Lola: But she started itz! I swur Mommy, she bited me furst!
Dixie: Yea right.
Dixie: I tried to be good and do what Mom said
Lola: But I hadz this most fantastyc toy jingle thingy around my necks! Must. Bitey.
Dixie: Lola. This is a FAMILY GROUP picture. Not Lola as the star picture.
Lola: But I iz a STAR! Looks how gud I poses. Think Top Model will takes me?
Dixie: I could only hope
Karma: Seriously Mom? You suck


  1. BOL...and we have this to look forward to this weekend...sigh...


  2. Poor kids, it's clearly hard work being a dog or cat in your house. :)

  3. Calling the spca now..