Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mom is on the mend and our week

Mom found out that she had a really bad sinus infection that moved into her lungs because she also has severe asthma. She is finally starting to feel better today!
I have had alot of new adventures this week but Mom forgot to pull the camera out (I think she is just very happy to be out of the house and back on her feet).
Last night we went to something called a movie theater. This is the first time Mom has been out to the movies since she got sick and we went to see something called New Moon. Mom didn't think about it until the movie started but the movie has lots of dogish sounding noises and she didn't know how I would feel about that. Silly Mom, she should know not to worry about me when I'm working. I laid down at her feet and slept through the whole thing! Mom was very very proud of me.
Today we went to go buy some Christmas gifts for the family and we went to a place called Macy's. There were these moving stairs called escalators and Mom and Grandmom were worried that I would be scared of it. Now, I have to admit, it was pretty weird to get on stairs and sit and still move but I did fine. I went up and down and everyone was very impressed with me.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi Dixie and Fam!

    Glad to know your mom is feeling better. We'll keep sending healthy vibes her way! Stay pawsitive mom! Thanks for sharing your day with us, wow you got on an escalator huh? bravo!!


  2. Good work braving the escalators, Dixie -- even some humans can't manage that!

  3. Hi Dixie Friend! Wow, you get to go all kinds of cool places. I bet your mommy is very proud of what a good girl you are.