Saturday, November 7, 2009

Most fantastyc new fing

Today before the people Dixie calls Aunt Jennyfur and Unka Nick came Mommy and Grandmom took me and Dixie on this most fantastyc new fing called a walkie. I waz not so sure at furst because Mommy put on my heady halltur thing (Note from the Mom: While I don't want pit bulls to get a bad image in any way, I have to use a head collar on all dogs I walk simply because and tug on my upper body is very painful. Once Lola has better leash manners, I will put it away, but until then I want to be able to walk my puppy. I know it looks like a muzzle, but it is the best for avoiding unnecessary pain-which is a main focus in my life-while maintaining what independence I can still salavage) and then took me out into the scury thing Mommy and Dixie tell me is a carrrrr. All I knows is that when I waz a lyttle puppy it only tookded me to V-E-T place.
But thys tyme it did not tookded me to the V-E-T place! It tookded me to somefing called a walkies trak. On this walkies track Mommy and Grandmom and Dixie and me got to walkies around the new place and smell all kynds of new fings! And guess what?? Mommy had my leash and let Grandmom walkies Dixie! Thys is a vury exciting fing since Dixie is a working dog and goes on walkies evurywheres with Mommy! It was vury vury funs but it also made me sleepys. When wegot home I tookded a lyttle nappy.
Then thur was a not so fantastyc fing. Mommy took me outsydes and sayd I was gunna meets a new furend. Instead it was avury skury little monster! (Note from the Mom: Said monster was my best friend Jenn's 18ish lb beagle/dachshund/jack russell mix who was very friendly. Ah, the fierce pit bull ::end heavy sarcasm::) I had to jump up in Mommy's not sickie arm to get away frum the monster! Mommy said I was a scurdy cat but I says better to be scurdy cat then monster foods!
Ok, Lola owt!


  1. Hi Lola! seems like you've had a fun filled day! Thanks for sharing your day with us!


  2. Hi Lola Friend! Its always the cute, little ones that are the trouble, so I understand you wanting to get away from the monster. I am happy you had a fun day out!

  3. Oh Lola - I think you are SOOOO lucky to have such a wonderful human who is still taking you on walkies and caring about you, even when she is in so much pain herself. Stupid uneducated people who do not understand about head halters - don't you worry about them!

    Honey the Great Dane