Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mom ate raw and new coats!

Yesterday we went to a place called a Japanese Steak House. I was hoping that meant I would get some steak so I gave Mom my best poor sad puppy face. Unfortunately, I knew that I'm not supposed to eat while I am working so I had to wait until I get home to eat my dinner.
They did bring some steak and set it about 10 inches from my nose. I knew I wasn't supposed to eat it (that would be very bad) so I just kept napping. Mom said she was very very proud of me.

Now here is something I thought was weird: Mom was eating some raw meat (well, fish) too! She said it is something called sushi and it is her most favorite food in the entire world.
Today we went to one of my favorite pet stores, All Pets Considered, to pick up some treats, supplements and cat food for the kittens. They were having a big sale so Mom and Grandmom decided to see if they had a good coat for me to wear when we go to Minnesota and this winter. Mom put this one on and it is warm, water proof and it fits under my pack. I think it looks pretty good too!
Heellllooooo bloggyfurends! It is Lola, most coolest syster of Dixie the cata...yea. Mommy sayd she could not takes me to the doggy store becuz she had to goes to a medycal supplyes store to get a different kind of arm im-o-bil-yzer for her arm and only service doggys can go in that store. She did brings me some new venyson and salmon tureats! And Mommy brought me this thingy called a coat. I gets vury vury cold becuz my furs is not vury thick so Mommy got me some extra furs! She sayd it is a Diva coat. I just knows that it iz nyce and warms!


  1. hello dixie its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes my mama and dada like sooshee too they say part of the reezon they moovd to kalifornya is that they cudnt git gud sooshee in upstayt noo york isnt that silly??? ok bye

  2. Oh Wow - I LOVE those coats!! So glamorous - especially Lola's leopard skin one!

    My human thinks it's fine for us doggies to eat raw but she's abit of a wimp when it comes to eating raw herself! People think it's funny that my other human, Paul, will eat raw sushi quite happily whereas Hsin-Yi, who is an Asian breed of human, won't touch the stuff! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. What wonderful new fuzzy warm coats you got!!!


  4. You all look superb and ready for winter!

  5. Hi Dixie Friend! You are such a good girl not trying to eat that food. I would not have been able to resist.