Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mommy Update from Lola

Hellloooo bloggy furiends! Thanks you all so much for your thoughts and pray-ers for Mommy. She had the See Tee thingy today and there was no em-bol-isym or newmonia. The doctor people did find somefing called a nodule on her lyung but they sayd for nows, they iz jyust going to monytor it every 6 months to 1 year with a See Tee scayn.
Mommy is still feelyng vury vury sickie and sleeping lots. She iz going back to the doctor person tomorrow to do more tests. Hopefully theys wyll figure owt somefing soon becuz Mommy can't keep much fyood down and she really really wants to eats Thanksgyving dynner
Ok, Lola owt!


  1. Hey Lola, thanks for the update and we will still crossed our paws for her.

    you take care of yourself and your mumster and have a great Thanksgiving


  2. Hi Lola, woo are very kind to be by your mommy's side and keep us updated on her condition.
    We'll keep sending good vibes and well wishes your way! Have a happy thanksgiving!


  3. Thanks for the update Lola, keep us posted!

  4. Lola,
    Thanks for the update. We hope your momma can eat Thanksgiving food. But if not, maybe that means more Turkey for you!

    Flash & Ollie

  5. Thanks for updating us Lola, I'm keeping your mommy in my thoughts and prayers so she can get better soon and eat lots of yummy thanksgiving foodies.

  6. We will keep our paws crossed that your Mama will be able to eat some turkey tomorrow!

    Keep her snuggly Lola and thanks so much for the pupdate!

    Dory and Bilbo