Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doctors today

TOday after lunch we went to the nice chiro doctor lady who loves me! She did the cold laser thing on my Mom again and then gave her some human supplements to take to help her. It was a pretty quick appointment and then we went to the Mayo Clinic.
Mom saw a breast doctor to make sure there wasn't anything that started there. She messed with Mom's arm alot and made her hurt. Once Mom sat back down, I knew she was about to get an attack and I told her. She took her medicine and only got a little bit shakey but didn't have a full out attack. Mom was very very happy and said I am the Best Dog.
After that we went to Target and then came back to the hotel. Tomorrow Mom has more appointments and tests.
I'm very tired so I am going to bed. Sorry for the short post.


  1. Do you realize what a precious asset and gift you are to your momma. I know that your momma knows your value because she writes about it every day. Get your rest. Your job in inPAWtant - for your momma and for mankind.

  2. We are so very glad that your Mama found you Dixie, just as we know you are so very glad to have found her!!!

    I hope you got a good night's sleep!!


  3. Oh Dixie - you really are the best dog!! That is an incredible job you do for your human. Hope the appointment and tests go well tomorrow -

    Honey the Great Dane