Thursday, September 17, 2009

6 Little Things That Make Me Happy

My friend Princess the Pit Bull tagged me to play this game. We have to talk about/show 6 little things that make us happy!

Thing #1: Sleeping in the bed with Mom (cuz I have to make sure she is ok at night)
Thing #2: Playing with pink squeaky toys

Thing #3: Being Mom's service dog and telling her when she has an attack
Thing #4: Playing with my sister Lola (she is a lot bigger now!)

Thing #5: Hanging out by the pool

Thing #6: Playing chase with the other dogs

Now I want to know what Bijou, Paxton, Buddy Dawg, and any one else who wants to play (I am a bit tired and Mom says she needs the computer back!).


  1. Those are great things Lola! If I had a pool I'm sure I'd love laying by it. FM had one that I liked. I like the picture of you with the pink squeaky toy too!

  2. Oh Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sympathizing about the creepy cat.

    The Girl says that my mom or my dad or maybe a grandparent must have been a catahoula... but I am only just 32lbs and very skinny and houndy and loads of people think I am part whippet.

    Sometimes The Girl says I am part Deer.