Sunday, October 4, 2009

Last Mayo Day (sorry it is late)

Sorry I didn't update earlier. Mom had a rough day and then we went to Mom's grandparents' house where there is no internet.
We started Thursday morning with Mom getting a breast ultrasound. It made her hurt so I was very worried about her and on high alert for an attack. Thankfully, she did not have one. The ultrasound was normal which Mom said was very very good since breast cancer runs in her family.
After that, we went to do the standby thing (and Mom sat through this one too!) for a pain medicine doctor. They didn't let her see that doctor, but she also had an appointment with a pain psychologist in the same place. I went in with Mom to this appointment and was happy because he didn't touch her hurt arm.
He told her that she does, in fact, have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. They are sending her to a different Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota for a 3 week "pain rehab" program. He also told her that it was unlikely she would get to go back to working at the V.E.T. because it could make it worse again if she gets better. So now Mom wants to be a trainer or behaviorist.
She also found out that I do more for her than she thought. I've always been able to tell when she was going to hurt more (even if she wasn't going to have an attack) and she found out that people train service dogs to do that! She says she is very very lucky to have found me since she says I am a natural CRPS SD!


  1. Oh Dixie - your poor human! What a lot she is going through! But she's right - she is so lucky that she has you.

    I hope this other Mayo Clinic can make her feel better. By the way, what do you mean when you say "attacks"? Does she get seizures?
    And did she injure her arm somehow? I'm sorry - I'm new to your blog so am not very clued up! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Wow Dixie! I think you're some kind of super dog! Your mom is very lucky to have you. I am glad she finally got some answers. I hope the pain rehab helps. I'm sorry she's not going to be able to work at the v.e.t. anymore :( But I'm glad she's still going to help us animals. The country needs more people like your mom.


  3. Your mom is so lucky to have you Dixie! I'm keeping my paws crossed for your mom to pull through this!


  4. Mama is so sad for your humam..

    I am so glad that you two have each other Dixie!!! Definitely a match made in heaven!!