Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More waiting for Mom, a fort and a not nice beach

So Mom's tests got cancelled today and her insurance thing won't is giving her doctor problems about getting other tests approved. She got an appointment with a breast doctor who specially asked to see Mom! Her other doctor said he is going to keep trying to get the insurance thing to approve the tests she needs.
After Grandmom did her work (and Mom tried to do her school but couldn't), she said we were going to something called a fort. We got there and the park ranger lady asked about me but she didn't give us any problems or anything. This fort thing had lots of old things and somethings called cannons which Mom said threw big heavy metal balls a really long way. Mom really liked it so that made me happy.
We also went to the beach place. But this beach was NOT a nice beach! The sand was full of broken shells and not very big and the waves almost knocked Mom and me down! I was not a fan so we didn't stay long. Mom says most beaches are like that and we will got to a beach place where the water is gentle not mean.

Mom and I on top of the fort!

Mom and I in front of one of those cannon things

The pretty designs on the cannon that Mom liked

Us on the ocean side of the top of the fort

One of the tower things at the fort

Me and Mom at the mean beach

Me trying very hard to get away from the mean wave

I'm wet!


  1. Dixie - you is such lucky dawg dat you gets to see so many new tings. I doesn't see nomores but i bet da smells is out of dis world. If you cud please to sniff lots for me I wud appreshiayt very much, kaythanx. I is sorry your mom is having enshurans ishews. Mom sed dat is not fun to figures out, so I hopes dat dey lets her gets her tests dat she needs so she can gets better. Ok, can't wayt to hears more about your amayzing adventure.

  2. You are just as cute as a bug's ear! We are so happy to hear that you were one of the saved pups where you live so you could help your mom. In fact, your mom should write a letter to her legislators about you and how good you are and tell them to treat animals more kindly and with more respect.

  3. Those waves look pretty mean, I think you were very brave for going as far out as you did. I do not like WET...the fort part looks pretty cool tho!