Monday, October 26, 2009

New Diet=Very Happy Girls!

I was going to write this post last week but then the kittens showed up and Mom and I have been very busy taking care of them. She also said I have to let Lola be a guest author more often so she is going to butt in...I mean write too.
I have quite a few allergies and because of that, I can only eat a few kinds of kibble which is very expensive. While Mom will spend any amount on me, she has been researching a better diet since I still wasn't 100% on that food. After much research, she decided that it was time to take the plunge and go to raw feeding. She says this is a biologically appropriate diet for me. I don't know about all that, but I do know that now I am super excited to eat my meal! Mom has had to coax me into eating all of my kibble and I just didn't enjoy it that much (I was eating Wellness CORE Ocean, so it was the high quality, grain free kibble). Now I am very excited to get my food and sit down and crunch the bones and eat the meat. Right now we are only eating chicken quarters to make sure it is an easy transition. I am already less itchy and much happier.
Helloooo evfurone! It is Lola, most awesum pittie bull syster of Dixie the Catasomefing! This new most awesum raw diet is grrrate! Mommy says I have the allurgies too but all I knowed is that my ears would be red and itchies and my skin was the same ways. Now I am a much happyier puppy and I gets to eat most yummie foods that befor I wasn't aspossed too! I'm pretty sure my Mommy is a gud Mommy for this!

(Note from the Mom: I know some people are averse to raw feeding, but I did do quite a bit of research along with what I know from my college Animal Science classes. They will have a very balanced diet that is not only cheaper but much healthier for them than kibble. If you want more info, I would be more than happy to pass on the research I've done!
Edit: Honey is right, right now, the girls diet isn't balanced. Once their stomachs are ok we will add in organ meat, other meats and it will be an overall balanced diet [though not a daily balance like kibble])


  1. Oh Dixie!! Am so happy you are on the raw diet - finally!! I really do believe it is the best for us doggies (my human has done tons of research too - she had to write an article about it for one of her dog magazines) and she is really convinced. And it is not true that it is not balanced - it all depends on how you feed it. It does not work on the same principle as factory-processed kibble where they try to "balance" every meal - but it works more like human meals where they get variety over the course of a week or more and get balance that way - plus it's all fresh, good stuff that's better for our teeth too!

    My humans are SO glad to have swapped me onto raw - even though I did not have any allergy problems or anything - but everyone always goes on about my great condition. If you look at my latest post, it's all about me doing Agility and everyone was so surprised at how fast & fit & nimble & energetic I am for a "senior" 6yr old Dane - and I'm sure my raw diet plays a big part! :-)

    That's good to start on chicken carcasses until your tummy gets more used to it. It is the foundation of my diet too - I get it on Mon, Wed and Fri...then on Tue & Sat, I get lamb brisket, on Thur I get offal and on Sun I get fish! Plus I get other types of meats like pork, occasionally, and of course, any healthy leftovers from my humans meals, plus raw eggs sometimes. I just LOVE my meals!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Our guys are raw fed as well. Cornish hens, organ meats, veggies, coconut oil ... I would go into the details but I stay as far away from it as I can. Organ meats, yuck! (But the dogs love it and thrive on it.)

  3. Whatever is best for Dixoe and Lola is what counts the most and it sounds like they are sooooo likeing their new food!!! Hurrah!!


  4. Yesh, our momma would yike you to give us more informations. We hear so many good things about feeding raw.

  5. Both the ladies are on a raw diet as well.

    I do not spend less than I did on a high quality kibble, though. Since I'm vegan, I have an ethical quandary when I feed the dogs meat, so I do source from less cruel farms which happen to be more expensive.

    Hope the transition goes smoothly and the pups enjoy the new diet!