Friday, October 16, 2009

Hellloooo Wurld!

Hello bloggy wurld! I am Lola, most fantastic syster of Dixie the Cata...whatever. Mom has somethin icky called the flew and is not feelin gud (or plain wif me!). Dixie has been takin care of Mommy and helpin her so she hasn't had time to update this bloggy. They are bowth nappin at this momunt so I thought I would be a very nice lil syster and be a "guest awthor" for her.
Sence Mommy has been sickies, I have been tryin to make her laff. I roll my tricksy tweat ball all over and sometimes I even throw it! I think it is tuns of fun when kibbles fly in the air but Mommy is not so sure. I also kiyl stuffies for Mommy and that does make her laff lots.
My grandpa and uncle Andrew have been letting me run on this big thingy cayled a treadmyll. I walk fast but don't go anywhere. Mommy says it makes me less krazie, whatever that mean.
I am being a good doggy tho, I snuggles with Mommy a lot. The only problem is that she has these really scawy things called fleese blankies. They jump on my head and sometimes my whole self and tries to eated me! I cry and Mommy saves me from them.Ok, Lola owt!


  1. Hey Lola yep I unnerstand cause my Mummy gits sick a lot and boy talk bout a BOOOORING time that is. The only good thang is she lets me sleep on the bed with her! I shore hopes yer Mummy feels good agin soon!

    Yer pal Dozer

  2. Hi Lola! Thanks for making me LOL! Hope your Mommy feels better!