Monday, March 1, 2010

Good News for Mom!

Mom called her doctor today to let them know she had gotten much worse and left a message with the nurse. The nurse called back this afternoon and said that the doctor wanted her to move the sympathetic nerve block (which will tell them for sure whether she has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or not) up to the closest appointment.
The nurse was able to change Mom's appointment from March 11 to tomorrow morning! This test will give Mom a few hours of relief, answers and is also what they need before they schedule her spinal cord stimulator trial, which will hopefully give her significant and more permanent relief.
This also shows us that this doctor is taking Mom seriously and also wants to help her get better. After so many doctors who didn't believe her or weren't willing to figure out her medical mystery, this is truly an amazing thing.
I will be going with Mom tomorrow and Granddad is going to take some pictures of me working and taking are of Mom. If you all will keep Mom in your thoughts and prayers and send her good vibes, we would all really appreciate it!


  1. oh yes we are definately sending pibble feel good vibes AND keeping her in our prawyers
    our paws are ALL crossed
    thats alotta paws
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the houston pittie pack

  2. We'll be keeping your Mama in our thoughts and prayers!


  3. Thats awesome news for your mom. We will be thinking about her tomorrow!

  4. Hello Dixie friend! I will be thinking of you and your mom all day today!