Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Bond

Mom has been having a bad couple of days. She fell on Thursday (and I already gave her my most irritated look for not having me with her) and it has set off a turn for the worst. We are hoping that her doctor will either be able to move p her procedure or speed up the process to get the spinal cord stimulator test done.
When Mom is hurting, she relies on me alot. I can tell her before she has a seizure or pan spike and I try and help her stay calm and stress-free. I stay with her through everything, I snuggle up against the parts of her that don't hurt, I wag my tail and smile at her when she looks at me. Mom and I depend on each other.
Some people think it is odd that Mom depends so heavily on (what they see as) "just a dog." Mom can explain what I do, but there is more to it than just my job. Mom and I have a bond that can't be described. I know when her body is failing her and can tell her long before she knows (human senses being as poor as they are and all :-p). Mom knows when I'm nervous, what my smallest signals are, even if I'm not feeling well.
The thing a lot of people miss is that we've always had this bond. We made that connection when she looked through the chain link door at the shelter and saw more than an exuberant puppy who had never left her kennel. I saw my Mom (ad my wonderful Aunt Jenn too). Mom has guided me through many fears and uncertain situations and I have been with her through happy and sad times.

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  1. We know that you and your mom are a special pair with a special bond, Dixie, even if those other people don't understand it!