Sunday, March 7, 2010


Remember our foster kittens, Sabian and Zeppelin, that Mom hand raised when they were abandoned at our house? Well, they are about 5 months old now and got spayed and neutered this week.
The reason they got it one this week? Their new family was picking them up Saturday!
We will definitely miss them, but their new family is very excited to have them and will take wonderful care of them.
We all really enjoyed having them around. Mom and Grandmom are thinking about applying to be foster parents for orphan kittens at our local humane society! I really hope they do because Lola and I love to help raise them!


  1. Hi Dixie friend! It is so nice to hear that the kittens were adopted. Maybe they will have a fun dog to point at them at their new home!

  2. hooray that they got adopted. that is wonderful news

  3. What great news! It's so nice they found their forever families. Congrats!

  4. Whut grate news!