Friday, February 5, 2010

What a Year It Has Been

Yesterday marked one year that Mom has been disabled. It has really been a roller coaster year for both of us. I have sat with Mom through many tears, many seizures but also many good times. She has learned so much about service dogs and has met (online and in real life) so many wonderful people and pups.
We don't know what this next year will hold for us. We are back at square one trying to find a diagnosis again and Mom is getting worse. I am going back in to training to work on some more complicated tasks to help Mom out. Mom is starting her own business. Who knows what else will happen?


  1. I hope it proves to be a positive, wonderful year for you both.

  2. It has been a year hasn't it? Hoping this will be a year of answers for your mom (and new skills for you).

  3. wow its been quite the year for you guys. I am sure you have both grown leaps and bounds

  4. we'll be sure to keep your mommish in our pibble prayers that she gets better and we are sure you are going to excel with the new tasks cause you are super smawt
    we wish you nothing but bleshings and love for this next year
    pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  5. Oh sweetie, this totally sucks. My crazy lady knows what it's like to search for a diagnosis-- it took the medical folks over 6 years to discover her spinal cord tumor, and by then her neck had collapsed and her paralysis was permanent. Tell your mom to never give up the fight. Don't ever, ever let the powers-that-be convince her that nothing serious is wrong. Your mom has amazing instincts, and she knows her own body. Your mom is a strong, powerful, intelligent woman who is blessed to have you in her life. You are a beautiful working dog, and you provide an invaluable service. You and your mom are wonderful critters (human and dog).
    take care!
    Sugar (and her crazy lady)

  6. We're glad your mom has you to look after her. Hope she gets that diagnosis she's searching for.

  7. Your Moms is so lucky to have you to help her! It's so very sweet of you to take care of her!

    Woofs and Kisses1