Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vaykaytion by Lola

This summer I hav lerned about somefing called vaykaytion. When Mommy sayz that she is gunna go on vaykaytion, it means that I get one too!
Really, I think Mommy just goes away to make sure I gets vaycaytions. She packs up my noms, bed, pink monk-e stuffie, braided giraff and says I get to go to Camp!
See, Camp is my daycare, Camp Bow Wow, where I gets to play wif ALL my furends there! I get to see a lot of my favorite peoples too. I play all day (well, except for my nap time) then gets to eat my noms, cuddle with Pink Monk-e and go night-night after I get my medisin.
Mommy said I have to get a b-a-t-h while I'm here, but that is kind of ok since I get extra time with Miss Erica who is one of my favorite hoomans there! Her dog Indigo is a Standard Poodle just like Mommy's new Service Dog will be and he is very fun to play with.
My vacation will be overs on Saturday, but that is ok cuz I gets to see Mommy then.
ok, I gots ta get off the computer before the Camp hoomans see me!

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  1. Awww Cooool Sounds wike wots of fun!!! I hope youz havin a great time dare!!!!! ~Hugs~ da fuzzy gang

  2. enjoy your vacation!

    don't forget, we've moved to