Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Blog Hop and It's hard to Snoopervise

 Hello everybody!  It is Karma, most excellent snoopervisor to the mom, here to talk about my job.  Mom has a business making cute collars and leashes for other cats and dogs (and, of course, us!) and I have to work as her top snoopervisor.  She makes everything herself, so snoopervising everything she does is a full time job!
 Here you see one of my snoopervisor duties.  I make sure to test every fabric Mom buys to make sure it is comfortable enough for collars.  After all, we have to wear these things all the time, so they need to be as comfortable as possible.  Fortunately, these fabrics all passed my rigorous inspection.
 As you can see, my snoopervisor-in-training is not as dedicated as I am to her job.  She insists on taking breakfast breaks, brunch breaks, lunch breaks, afternoon snack breaks, dinner breaks, evening snack breaks and midnight snack breaks!  I know she is a growing kitten but that is a bit excessive.  Of course, I take breaks but my dedication to my snoopervising often comes before that!
Sometimes Mom forgets that I deserve the most fantastic rewards for my work so I have to take matters in to my own hands.  Silly Mom has this idea that cats shouldn't eat any people food but I generally ignore her when she starts talking crazy like that.  After my long day of snoopervising, I decided my reward should be some of my mom's powdered doughnuts.  If you other cats have never had these, you are missing out!  Of course, Mo caught me this time so I only got a quick nibble of my reward but don't worry, I'm planning to get some more when she is distracted.

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