Friday, May 28, 2010

We Like Sharing!

 We do a lot of sharing in our house.  Most of the time, Mom decides to share with us.  Well, except for Karma and Francine, who tell Mom they are sharing AFTER they have taken a bite of whatever Mom has!

 A couple nights ago Mom made herself some dessert and finished off the whipped cream, so she let me and Lola lick the tub!  There wasn't much left but it still tasted yummy!  This is the only time we get people food, so it is a very special treat and Mom makes us do our tricks to get it.
 Sometimes we share and sometimes Mom tells us to take turns so we each get equal amounts.  As you can see, Lola wiggles a lot when she does it and she also manages to get the whipped cream all over her face!
 Awww, Mom, did you have to pick this picture for me?  Yea, so I guess I get pretty in to these special treats too.  But it tastes so yummy!  And it makes Mom laugh, which we all like to do.
Do any of you share with you family? I have to say, we all love to share


  1. I have it on good authority that Sharing is Caring. If a giant purple dinosaur is a good authority, I mean.

  2. I'm an only doggie so I don't do much sharing at home - although my human always makes me learn to wait my turn and to share when I'm out with doggie playmates! Of course, when my kitty sister, Lemon, was alive, I would have to share with her - although it wasn't really sharing because she would simply take over everything! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane