Friday, May 7, 2010

I goez to Dogge Daycares!

So my Mommy got more sickers this week and she can't walk much and can't run at all! She haz troubles getting outsidez cuz we gots lots of steps to get out of our houze. Becuz of this, Mommy can't do my agilitees with me lyke me usually do to get me my exercises.
So Mommy called this place called Camp Bow Wow and made an appointments for an interview so they knows if I play nice wif the other dogges! She sayd if I behaves, I will be going to daycares evury week.
So yesterday, Mommy put on my seatbelt harness, we got in the scary car thing and started going! I waz wurried at first that were were going to the scury V-E-T playce, but we didn't! We got to a playce where I could hears lots of dogges playing! We went inside and the nice lady took me away from Mommy to a roomz where I had the first interview. I passeded that of course and while they were doing that, Mommy was taking a tour-thing of the place (which really means she got to see evurything).
Then one of the nice ladiez took me to a yard with a bunch of other dogges playing and having fun! I got to go in and at furst i waz a lyttle scured, but I got over that. Would you believe I got to stay ALL DAY and play wif all my new furends?
Grandmom came to get me and they said I did very very goods and passed my interview! So Mommy is going to start taking me to daycares to exercize and hang out wif my new dogge furends! They even gave Mommy a surtificat (although I didn't see any cat...except for the ones I live with) that said I could come back any times! I can't waits to go backs!!!
Ok, Lola owt!


  1. Lola, you are so so lucky! We LOVE daycare! We get to go a couple of times a week. Mommy loves it cuz we're extra tired when we get home.

    Slobbery kisses,
    Flash and Ollie

  2. Oh Lola - I think it's amazing that your human can still think of planning all these wonderful things for you when she is so sickie herself. You are soooooooo lucky to have her.

    Glad you had a great time at Camp Bow Wow!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Lola isn't it a blast, I go to Camp Bow wow myself and my "first day at camp" picture was just a big black blur lol. Hope your mom didn't catch you doing anything embarrassing on the webcam.

    Hope she feels better real soon.
    Charneka the cheeto