Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Most Excellent Labor Day

Yesterday was Labor Day, a national holiday, which means that most of our friends and family had the day off work.

My Aunt Jennifer was off work and since Uncle Nick broke his phone and is going to use Mom's old one, she decided to come up and get it (Uncle Nick couldn't come).  She hadn't come up in a while so we were all really excited to see her!  We met her at the door and may have not behaved quite as well as we should....what can we say?  We were excited!
Mom and Aunt Jenn talked and Aunt Jenn played with Lola and I and made sure to give us lots of pets and hugs and cuddles.  Then we went outside so Lola and I could run around and play with the other little dogs and Aunt Jenn could say hello to them too.  We all ran around and wrestled and played until Mom had to go in.  Then we went to take a nap on Mom's bed while Mom and Aunt Jenn hung out.
Right before dinner, Mom's Uncle Kyle, Aunt Janet, cousin Abby, Aunt Kay and cousin Laura all came over for dinner.  Granddad made some really good human nommies and they ate a talked while we napped.
Lola is going to tell you about what she did after the people finished eating.  Mom was a bad Mom and forgot to take a camera, so she doesn't have any pictures of this weekend.
Helloooo bloggy furends!  Lola here, most fantastic agilitees doggie!  After Mommy and Aunt Jenn and evfurrybody finished eating, we went outside with Mom's cousins to practice my agilitees with Abby!  See, Abby is a super fast human and she is the only human as can keep up with me!  We hadn't got to do agilitees in a long time so I was a little confused at first but then I remembered.  Mom said that I did very very good and that I worked really well with Abby!  She also asked if Abby would be my handler if I start competing and Abby said yes!  Now we are looking for a doggy agilitee class that will let Mom and Abby be there.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!

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  1. My pups slept all day so I know they enjoyed labor day!

    -Kari http://dogisgodinreverse.com