Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Name Game!

We have been reading about Frank at Frankly Speaking having a July 4th Name Game and we thought it was too fun not to pawticipate!  We will update you on the past month and half hopefully this week!

Ok, I'm first.  My name is Dixie and that was my name in the shelter.  I was a stray so someone at the shelter picked my name and by the time Mom adopted me, I already knew it very well.  It wasn't her style of name but once we had been together awhile, it was obvious that was the right name for me.  From the beginning she thought it did kind of fit since the Catahoula Leopard Dog is the state dog of Louisiana.  Some of my nicknames are Dix, Dixie Pixie, Pix, Pixer, Pixy, Monkey girl, Princessa, Purty Girl.  My full name is Dixie Lou

Lola was originally going to be Delila.  That was the first name that Mom thought of when she saw her in the yard but once we got to know her, we knew that wasn't the right name.  Lola showed up when Mom was having a hard time coping with losing so much of her independence and abilities and she gave Mom something that she had to give round the clock care and training (and I helped!).  She also made Mom laugh all the time!  Grandmom said we should name her something to do with laughing and Mom, who is a big IM'er, thought about LOL and then realized that the name Lola has LOL in it!  Lola's nicknames are Lola Badola, Crazy Girl, Bad Puppy, Silly Monkey.  Her full name is Lola Belle.

Karma was supposed to be Rosalyn form Shakespeare (Mom loves him!) but once she took over Karma's care, she realized that she was way to fiesty to be Rosalyn.  She kept running through names when all of a sudden the word Karma popped in to her head and she knew it was just perfect!  Karma's nicknames are  Boogie, Boog, Bad Cat, Stinky, Booga.

Francine showed up at a special time.  She was left at our house 2 days after what would have been Mom's Grandpa's birthday.  he passed away almost 6 years ago and Mom was very close to him and loved him very very much.  She has a tattoo to honor his memory.  Francine showed up and the whole family was trying to figure out her name.  Grandmom suggested FB (which was Deeda's initials...Deeda is what the grandchildren called him) for Fluffy Butt but Mom doesn't like letter names.  Deeda's name was Francis so Mom decided that her name should be Francine, since once again an animal came in to her life at a rough time and a time when she was really missing Deeda.  We think maybe she was a gift from Deeda since he isn't here with us.  Her nicknames are Fluff, Fluffer, Little Bit, Itty Bitty, Bine, Little Bine, Princess.


  1. How fun, I'm going to participate too :-)
    I love all your nicknames especially the monkey ones.

    Face Licks,

  2. I love that her name came from LOL :)

  3. Isn't it funny how the dogs always show their humans what name fits them the best? All we have to do is pay attention to their personality and the name choices become so obvious to us. Our coonhound came to us with the name "Daisy" but we thought we'd name her "Martha" because we love what we call "old-fashioned" names but Daisy was not impressed w/our choice so we went back to original name and she's been happy ever since!

  4. Woof! Woof! Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. My dogs posted their "name stories" in Owen's blog!

  6. Aw...those are lovely stories about your names! It's always so nice to learn where doggies (and kitties) names come from! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane