Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing the Wee One in the last post and some words about Mom

So the cute little kitty is the newest animal dumped at our house. Someone put her in a box and left her in our driveway. She was very scared when Mom brought the box inside (thinking that it was one of Granddad's or Uncle Andrew's boxes) and opened it to find a tiny little fluffy kitten. She was a little bit skinny and scared of Lola and I.
She is very cuddly and has finally started to warm up to us. She spent last night on the bed with us and is starting to hang out with Mom and both of us dogs during the day! Right now her name is Francine but that might change as we get to know her better.
We don't know who keeps leaving animals at our house but Mom thinks that it must be someone who knows us (or of us). Unfortunately, that doesn't narrow it down much, since our family have lived in this area for a very long time. It makes everybody sad that we might know some one who abandons animals.
We always go back and forth about talking about Mom;s medical stuff. But we figure that it is such a big part of all of our lives that we should share. and we never know who might read this and be struggling with something similar.
Mom's doctor recommended that the best treatment for Mom's Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (a severe pain disease) is a Spinal Cord Stimulator, which has electrodes on her spinal cord that block the pain signals. It isn't a cure and won't stop her pain but it will help a lot. The insurance company required a psychological evaluation for approval. That was the doctor who didn't approve of Mom having a service dog.
Unfortunately, he denied Mom. He said that she either needs to do a very expensive ($35,000 after insurance) comprehensive treatment that Mom's doctor said wouldn't work because physical therapy makes Mom worse or very intensive personal counseling with another psychologist until they approve Mom. We are going to talk to Mom's doctor next week to see what he says. Mom has also gotten worse again (CRPS is progressive) and we need something until she get approved.
We are all staying upbeat and Mom is still trying to do everything she was before, just doing it in shorter sessions. She is still working on her business and training Lola and I and everything else. We are all excited because it is super warm outside and Granddad opened our pool! As soon as we get the pump fixed, we all get to swim (with life jackets on) and hang out by there!


  1. I think it's a complement that people will leave the animals at your house. Though I can imagine that must be a huge responsibility...

  2. We are very thankful that we have the resources to care for them and glad they end up with us (rather than someone who doesn't want them or would dump them at one of the high kill shelters around here). But we wish that people wouldn't get pets they don't want/let their pets have babies/etc.

  3. that dr who keeps denying you mom sounds like a bad guy

  4. Sorry that doctor declined to approve the treatment. Sounds like the typical runaround they do in hopes that you'll go away and stop costing them money.

  5. Oh my goodness - I really think you are a saint - the way you put up with all these challenges and still remain so upbeat & positive. I know I couldn't do it!! And I can't believe that doctor - and all that bureaucratic nonsense - making you jump through hoops - onnly thinking about their own pockets or trying to fob you off...GRRRRRRR!

    I really hope you manage to sort something out. Thinking of you!