Saturday, December 19, 2009


Dixie: As I'm sure you all know, we live in the South. It is usually a warmish and only occasionally wet place. But yesterday a terrible thing happened! That icky cold wet stuff fell from the sky and stuck to the ground :-/
Lola: Dixie the catasillly does NOT know whut she is barking bout. This iz the furst time I has gots to see snows (since I iz only 7.5 monthz owld) and I think it iz one of the most fantasticest fings I have ever seen! It iz eatable and playable anf just playn FUNZ!Dixie: I insisted that Mom put on all of my snow gear (sweatshirt, coat, Muttluks) before I would consent to go out. Even then I was skeptical.

Dixie But Mom and Lola finally convinced me toplay since there was no chance my feet would get all wet and cold and snowy
Lola: The snowz iz AWESOMES! I wuv running and and pwaying in itz!
Lola: Heres evfuryone can see I iz trying to gets Dixie to plays some mores!
Dixie: It is cold. And wet.
Lola: I was vury vury exciteds about the snows and playing in its! Mommy took this grrrate picture of me!
Dixie: So there is our foray in to the arctic outside. Now I am going to try and get warm again (and hopefully stay warm this time) by the fire place.
Lola: I iz going to rests up so I'z ready to play when we go out in the snows again!!

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  1. Hi Dixie,
    Looks like you had fun in the snow. We LOVE snow, and have lots of it here right now too.

    Thank you for the pawsome holiday card! We’re having lots of fun getting to know other DWB members.

    Happy holidays!

    Love and lots of licks,
    Stella and Leader Dog Willow